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Online Business
Logo/Ebook/Web layout
Combined with the character and passion of the business owner, we came up with a design that has an outdoor "look & feel". We also did Powerpoint templates, entire E-book, Website layout, all YouTube and Landing page Thumb Nail Graphics.

I was struggling for months with my branding. Pritpal gave me direction, challenged me, we sat down and thought about who I was, what I was passionate about and how I wanted to serve my market. He then combined my passion and background of hiking into the brand which is just amazing!
This was a logo for an online training company. We have worked together on not only designing the logo but also brainstorming the brand, messages and colours from scratch.
We have then created several versions to fit onto business cards, flyers but also powerpoint slides and website.

It's amazing what Pritpal came up with. I never would have thought of this concept. I just love the colours and the quirkiness. This way the whole look and feel is so much more fun than just a corporate slide deck. It looks professional, slick and elegant and gives you instant credibility.
Corporate Training Business
Logo/Powerpoint Design
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Now, Lets Cre8 YOUR brand!
Hi, I am Pritpal and I just LOVE outstanding , beautiful and truly unique designs! I've been in this industry for nearly 30 years and strive to make a difference to businesses through branding and consistent design throughout all collateral!
Often a clients come to me and isn't yet clear about who they are targeting and business personality.  So I take them by the hand and we go through a series of brain storming and developing several drafts that we tweak as we go along and we see the brand unfold und come to life.
It might be easy to come up with your own design, though does it truly reflect your personality, suit your target market and stands out to be professional? Branding is the foundation of a successful business and should not be rushed or taken lightly.
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Let's have a chat to see how we can help you!
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